Economic crises threaten not only the own company in its continued existence but also the interests of third parties such as employees or creditors. Recognizing the crisis requires an immediate action for the shareholders and management. If crisis management potential is insufficient in the company, immediate external aid should be sought out.

Is an economic crisis not manageable through the compnay’s own means and there is no prospect of external aid the management is required to apply of the institution of bankruptcy or composition proceedings, no later than 60 days after the onset of insolvency or indebtedness.

> In this extremely difficult phase a neutral and objective view of an external consultant is especially helpful. We support you quickly and energetically with your decision for further procedure and settlement of the chosen method.

  • Out of court (silent) settlement
  • Corporate reorganization process
  • Reorganization proceedings with self-administration                   (minimum ratio 30%)
  • Reorganization proceedings without self-administration               (minimum rate of 20%)
  • Bankruptcy and closure of the company

A well-handled crisis gives new opportunities for a positive continuation of the company, on the one hand by the partial debt relief, on the other hand by the active processing of the causes of the crisis that occurred.