The extra-judicial compensation is a common method in the practice to avoid the introduction of bankruptcy and to clean up economic situation after the approval of the selected creditors. The method is not based on the principle of equal treatment of creditors.

That is why this process is also referred to as silent compensation. Only the selected creditor learns from the economic crisis and the quote of the offered payment can be negotiated individually with each creditor. On the other hand to these important advantages, compared to legal bancrupcy proceedings, it has the drawback that it is subject to the consent of each involved creditor.

It turns out, that creditors tend to agree an out-of-court settlement when the entire process is monitored and controlled by a neutral advisor. Our specific consulting services involve:

  • Create list of assets, status and restructuring plan
  • Development of reorganization and funding
  • Development of compensation proposal
  • Information to selected creditors
  • Negotiations with individual creditors
  • Completion of substantive arrangement with creditors
  • Check the agreed quota payments
  • Final report to creditors