High labour costs in Northern and Central Europe compel producers and distributors constantly keep looking for less expensive components or entire products.

On the other hand, manufacturers and distributors in countries with lower wage levels are often looking for a supplier for high quality products, because they are not available in their own country.

We support our customers in the defined search for new suppliers with the following consulting services:

  • Precise definition of the desired products (design, material, quality)
  • Determination of quantities and price limit requirements
  • Requirements of packaging and delivery
  • Coordination of purchasing conditions with market practices in the manufacturing country
  • Targeted search for suppliers in relevant markets
  • Creation of "Short List" with suitable suppliers
  • Execution of supplier audits
  • Quality assurance in accordance with EN (European Norm)
  • Coordination of meetings with the supplier
  • Completion of supply agreements
  • Protection of intellectual property of the purchaser
  • Purchase and import processing via external partners