The motives for the merger of two or more enterprises are diverse. For small and medium size companies, it often provides succession problems, which are solved by a merger with another company in the industry. In other cases, entrepreneurs expect a significant increase in competitiveness or market share and ultimately an increase in the company's value.

However, various studies on mergers show that they have a high failure rate. This is due to a lack of examination of strategic considerations, incomplete processes in the due diligence phase, plated reviews to high expectations, or even just the lack of integration work after the merger. Even through our consulting work we can not guarantee that a merger will be a complete success. But we can ensure that the risk of our customers is minimized and all necessary steps for a successful merger will be professionally adapted.

  • Review of strategic considerations
  • Creation of information memorandum
  • Agreements of the merging firms
  • Final confidentiality agreement and memorandum of understanding
  • Monitoring of the due diligence proces
  • Support in the structuring of the transaction
  • Advice on the evaluation of the merging firms
  • Assistance contracting with external experts
  • Registration of the transaction for the competition authority
  • Legal and tax merger
  • Integration of corporate cultures
  • Merging of functional areas and processes
  • Strategic and operational planning for the new company