For entrepreneurs, on their own, finding the right investor at the right time is highly impossible. If an assigning shareholder remains in the company, the new capital of the investor is of importance as much as the added value of the remaining shareholder’s know-how or contacts.

Small and medium businesses almost always lack the necessary network of investors and the know-how for the specific investor communications.

When approaching investors applies: There is no second chance for a first impression!

Experienced investors want to be informed about the offer in a brief concise manner to quickly make a preliminary decision at first contact. If investors decide to examine a specific offer, all relevant sales documents must be available immediately.

We have strategic investors such as financial investors in our international database. We constantly maintain our good relationships with family offices, private investors, investment companies, expanding businesses, private equity funds, venture capital funds and investment banks.

In many cases we know the investment criteria of investors very well and we receive continuously requests for suitable investment projects from them.