The sale of a business or ownership interest must be carefully prepared, if you want to make a good profit and avoid future liability. For small and medium-sized enterprises sometimes it takes years to make a company fit for sale. This includes the provision for the possible resignation of the former owner after the sale or the timely elimination of non-core assets.

We support entrepreneurs in this very delicate stage of their entepreneurial life with the following consulting services:

  • Mandate clarification, time frame, purchase price
  • Definition of transaction structure
  • Obtaining expert opinion on the value of the company
  • Environmental and organizational analysis
  • Assessment of the chances of success
  • Establishing sales process
  • Prepartion of necessary sales documents
  • Selection of addresses of potential investors
  • Completion of confidentiality agreement and memorandum of understanding
  • Coordination of due diligence
  • Concluding of contracts using the services of external experts
  • Registration of the transaction with the authorities
  • Transfer of ownership and payment—closing